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Dog Works® Wagons

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Ch Riverwatch Safe Water Buoy DD WD pulling our "Standard" Wagon with Trailer UP HILL! (We recommend a team hitch.) In the photo, some of the sides are removed to show how it looks without.


All Dog Works Wagons are versatile, reliable performers constructed using solid Maple sides, a plywood base, and a welded steel frame. These wagons include everything: single dog shafts, single tree, interchangeable pulling handle, red or green slatted sides that lift-off, quality pneumatic wheels with sealed bearings, hardware, and assembly instructions. All you need is a draft harness, and a good relationship with your dog!

Four Sizes to Choose from:

Our two smallest wagons are a popular choice for Therapy Dogs visiting the children's ward. Both hold 500 pounds and have a 9" Tongue Height. Both of the larger wagons have a 12" tongue Height. The larger bed sizes on these models allow you to haul bulky cargo. Our Standard Wagon is a good size for dogs over 100 pounds. The Work wagon is hefty! It is popular among giant males and teams of dogs. The hand brake (included on the Standard Wagon & Work Wagon ) helps you assist your dog when hauling down-hill.

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Green sides optional at no extra charge.


Beth's boys at 1˝ and 3˝ years old enjoying the "Little" Wagon. Here, the dog shafts (included) were replaced by the pulling handle (included.)

Wagon Sizes & Prices:

ALL PRICES INCLUDE SINGLE DOG SHAFTS. Standard Wagon & Work Wagon include brake. Prices do not include shipping. 

Wagon name: Dimensions Capacity Weight Price
"Mini" 33"L x 19"W 500 lbs. 50 lbs. $269.00
"Little" 40"L x 19"W 500 lbs. 57 lbs. $299.00
"Standard" (brake included) 40"L x 24"W 1,000 lbs. 80 lbs. $359.00
"Work" (brake included) 48"L x 24"W 1,000 lbs. 87 lbs. $379.00

Wagon Options

Please allow extra time for optional items.

Green Sides (no extra charge) Red is standard.

Trailer for Std. or Work Wagon: 28"L x 24"W x 9"D $165.00

NEW Team Shaft for Wagons: This item is finished testing and is almost ready for sale!

We can also make Trailers for Mini & Little Wagons by request!

Wagon Shafts $98.00 if sold separately 

(Included in wagon price, but sold separately if you have a wagon) 

Our new wagon shafts are adjustable in width for a better fit. We use Aluminum tubing and Stainless Steel, so they are hardy and rust-resistant. The Bracket is welded in Stainless Steel for maximum wear. These new shafts now have the same adjustable brakes that we use on our Competition Cart Shafts.  The single tree is punched from heavy steel and zinc plated for rust protection and is now bolted to the shaft using a replaceable bolt and oil-impregnated washers for a quiet, reliable pull.  As before, these shafts are intended to be used at an upward angle. The brakes are adjustable according to your needs or your dog's preferences. If you need a really steep angle, move the brakes far forward. The shaft tips are curved gently outward so you can position them behind the shoulder for a very low vehicle without poking your dog on turns.

Prices may change without notice & do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
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