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Varsity Leather Harness



 $265.00 Varsity Leather Harness

Wholesale pricing is available on 6 or more.

For giant breeds in Draft Work and Tracking!

Heirloom Craftsmanship and multi-dog/vehicle adjustability could make this the only harness you'll ever want!

Improvements not shown: Removable sheepskin wraps (in darker easier to care for color), more versatile girth design fits dogs & vehicles better.

Sizing (approximate):

  • LARGE  fits Sizes 24 to 32 (dogs weighing about 75 to 140)
  • EXTRA LARGE  fits sizes 28 to 36 (dogs weighing about 110 & up)
If your dog is borderline, we can add an extra adjustment hole or two- just let us know when ordering.

A worthy investment...

Many of our customers own a different harness for every dog. Here is a harness that might fit all of your dogs of the same breed! Plus it transforms into a non-restrictive tracking harness in a snap. It's a whole new cross-trainer that combines the best features from pulling and tracking harnesses into a gorgeous leather tool that may be the only harness you will ever need! Use it for carting, tracking, & sledding (includes single tree "Sled Adapter" for sledding or vehicles with a single point of pull.) It adjusts all over to fit multiple dogs, carts, wagons, sleds, sleighs, and antique vehicles.

Itís a Draft Harness

It is a SIWASH Carting Harness for free shoulder movement and comfort.

EASY ON & OFF: Lift legs through girth and harness-no unbuckling required.

NO LEG LIFTING necessary - If you like, unbuckle and swing it through the front legs.

YOU DECIDE HOW TO USE IT: This harness is so convenient, you can even leave it hitched to the cart so your dog can help with those quick little jobs that used to seem like too much of a hassle. You can also use it like our SC harness, just unhook the traces & slide the cart off of your dog who remains in complete harness! Carting Harness Adjustments: You adjust for the perfect fit & then forget about it! Once you've got it adjusted for your dog & cart, on & off is as quick as 1-2-3! Plus, adjusting between multiple dogs & vehicles is made simple with easy to use buckles & pre-measured holes.

FITS Multiple Dogs: Each harness fits six one inch neck increments. The breastplate, body length, and girth all adjust accordingly.

FITS Multiple Vehicles: Raise the point of pull for carts, lower it for sleds and small wagons. The height & reach of Shaft Tugs (shaft loops) will accommodate most shaft variations. The traces are adjustable in length & height (point of pull).

Itís a Tracking Harness

Non-restrictive for free shoulder movement. Fully adjustable. Comfortably soft so you can feel your dog working.

To Convert from Carting to Tracking: 1) Unbuckle the carting girth and slide it from it's keeper. 2) Remove the two O-rings from the side straps. 3) Buckle up the tracking girth & "GO FIND IT!"


We've enlisted the skills of a highly respected horse harness shop whose handiwork has even adorned the Budweiser Clydesdales! Top quality Canadian Bridle Leather is beautifully stitched for a long life; there are no rivets to rust. We use real sheepskin padding and solid brass hardware. The finished harness is then oiled to resist foul weather and provide a soft, supple finish. As with all leather goods, proper care and maintenance is required for maximum life. This is an heirloom quality harness.


All sizes are approximate! LARGE  fits Sizes 24 to 32 (dogs weighing about 75 to 140), EXTRA LARGE  fits sizes 28 to 36 (dogs weighing about 110 & up)  If your dog is borderline, we can add an extra adjustment hole or two- just let us know when ordering.   See Sizing Chart Below:

Nylon Siwash Carting Harness

 Nylon Harness



Colors: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Green

Removable adjustable traces, adjustable girths, adjustable point of pull (not shown in this picture), adjustable size & height of shaft loops, floating carting girth for easy on/off & smooth braking, quick release buckles on girths, and a short bodice to ensure a comfortable fit no matter what body-type. No spreader bar means you can unhitch & keep dog in harness!  Your dog will love the feel & fit of this harness! Includes optional/removable rear girth. Available in Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Green. Other colors are available by special order. Sizes 18 to 34 in stock.

Removable/Adjustable Traces & Girth, Adjustable point of pull (not shown)

See Sizing Chart Below:

Sled Adapter

SledAdapter1gT.gif (2753 bytes)


Colors: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Green

For our Siwash Carting Harness. Used like a set of adjustable traces, it provides a single point of pull for occasional sledding or replaces a single tree if your cart doesn't have one. In Red, Royal Blue, Black, or Green to match your SC Harness. Other colors are available by special order.

Included with Varsity Leather Harness

Harness Sizing

harnesssizechart3gT.gif (8225 bytes)

Measure one half of the dog's neck from top of breast bone (sternum) to top front of shoulder blades (withers.)  Double this measurement to determine size.  It is helpful to know dog's weight as well.

"Fitting the Siwash Carting Harness"

A handy test: measure as above but keep the tape in place at the withers to measure the other side from EXACTLY the same spot. Does the second measurement match the first? Not exactly? Start over until you repeatedly get the same measurement on both sides.

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