Wagon shafts are included with the wagons.

Our new wagon shafts are adjustable in width for a better fit. We use aluminum tubing and stainless steel, so they are hardy and rust-resistant. The bracket is welded in stainless steel for maximum wear.

These new shafts now have the same adjustable brakes that we use on our Competition Cart Shafts.

The single tree is punched from heavy steel and zinc plated for rust protection and is now bolted to the shaft using a replaceable bolt and oil-impregnated washers for a quiet, reliable pull.

As before, these shafts are intended to be used at an upward angle. The brakes are adjustable according to your needs or your dog's preferences.

If you need a really steep angle, move the brakes far forward. The shaft tips are curved gently outward so you can position them behind the shoulder for a very low vehicle without poking your dog on turns.


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